The team at EZ Lighting believes that lighting products should add value, not create angst. The process of installing and maintaining lighting products can be intimidating especially if you’re not an electrician. We wanted to create a solution for the everyday person to enhance their home, office, work shop and more. It began with rethinking LED lighting products on the market today, taking each piece and focusing on how to create the easiest experience for the consumer. We have the ability to create easy-to-use, easy-to-install and easy-to maintain LED lighting products because we are the factory selling direct to you, not just another importer with little understanding of the product. Our team of innovators have over 50+ years’ experience in the field of design and manufacturing, specifically for applications in the North American market. With our initial product development now completed, we have reached the point – to share with you, our dedication and passion with an array of optimized LED products designed to make your total experience EZ.
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